Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

In General Terms :-

It’s simple really:-

  • We will NEVER sell or pass to a third party any information gathered when our website is visited or that is volunteered when registering on this website *
  • Any data received (see below for details of what we may gather) is done with the sole aim of making the website more useful, and to improve the quality of the information given to all our users.
  • All data stored will be kept securely to the best of our efforts and in line with industry best practice guidelines

* the only exception to this is where required to do so by a relevant UK legal authority and when required to do so  in the proper legal manner (e.g. on production of a valid warrant). This website is both written and hosted within the UK and is therefore covered by UK Law.

The Data We Gather

  • During your visit to this website we may store a small file known as a “Cookie” on your computer’s browser. This enables us to improve your exerience of the website,  for example by storing data from the website pages you have visited during your visit, or your preferences for viewing the website etc. Click here for more information about Cookies or see the section below.
  • User registration : This may be implemented in the future. It won’t be compulsory and the website will still always be free to use. There are plans to improve the website by features such as a members only area.
  • Information emails – Upon registration to the site we may from time to time send emails regarding news we think will interest you. We will be using the industry best practice of “Double opt-in” or “Confirmed Opt-in” when you register. This basically means that when you register with the website, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a link you must click in order for your registration to the mailing list to be confirmed and before any other emails are sent to you – this helps prevent spam by preventing anyone other than you from signing you up for emails. You will also have the oppurtunity to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, and a link to do so will be provided at the bottom of every email we do send to you.
  • We will quite happily upon request permanently delete any registration data from our database that we hold; – if you wish this please just send us an email requesting such to Please tell us why you have chosen to do so in order that we can improve our service to everyone although we don’t require this. We may need to confirm some information with you as we’d like to make sure it’s you that have requested this. Please allow up to 20 working days for us to do this.


Like most websites uses Cookies – these are small text files placed in your browser usually with the aim of:-

  • Improving your experience and the functionality of the website
  • Helping us to understand and analyse the performance of the website

The main cookie we use on this site is placed by Google analytics in order to anonymously track the usage of the website to help us understand areas where it may need improvment and let us see which pages are most/least popular etc.

For information on what cookies are try the Wikipedia article on them or for further information on Cookie law in the UK visit

The main UK authority dealing with data protection and privacy issues is the Information Commisioner’s Office (ICO).


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